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What is an estimate? 

  • An estimate is a document in which the contractor creates a rough outline of the costs of the work you'd like done. 
  • An estimate is not a bid, meaning it is not final and the prices listed on it will change once you accept the estimate. Once the estimate is accepted, the contractor will create a bid that lists the costs of the specific materials the job will require. 

What is an estimate visit? 

  • At DF Construction Inc. we send the owner, David Fuentes, to your site to create an estimate for you in person. The estimate visit is key because without an on-site visit the contractor is unable to give you an accurate estimate. 

How do I book an estimate visit? 

  • Send an email requesting an estimate visit using the template below or by emailing 
  • In your email include:
    • The type of job you're working on (commercial or residential)
    • The time frame for your job
    • A contact phone number
  • We will call you back within 48 hours to schedule an estimate visit with you! 




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